Extreme journey through the «GOBI» desert in April 2012


Goal: To test the endurance life under extreme conditions far from the familiar comfort of civilization, the ability to feel comfortable in different weather conditions, familiarity with the fauna of Mongolia, the opportunity to see inside people’s lives a completely different culture.

Tasks: The opening of a new features in yourself and use them in daily and social life. Acquisition of communication skills and team collaboration in case of unusual situations.

Route: Kyiv-Moscow-Ulaanbaatar-Sanshand-Zamyn Uud — Beijing -Kiev
Timing: a tentative departure from Kyiv beginning April 1, returning after three to four weeks (subject to force majeure).

Kiev-Moscow train (1 day);
Moscow-Ulaanbaatar train (5 days);
Ulaanbaatar-Sanshand train Sanshand-car Gobi Desert (1 day);
Gobi-Zamyn Uud hike, camels (10-14 days in case of force majeure);
Zamyn Uud-Beijing bus (12 hours);
Beijing (1 day) entertainment;
Beijing-Kiev flight.

«Extreme-training» with the participation of Leonid Kanter organizes an extreme journey through the «Gobi» desert. This expedition is for those who decided to challenge to its own opportunities for those who want to make themrselves stronger, strengthen your spirit with the pedestrian passage across the desert in the extreme conditions of temperature drop, constant wind, burning sun, cold of the night, endless sand, poisonous insects and reptiles as well as immersion in the color of the local population, the atmosphere of life in a yurt. Auto run in conjunction with the intersection of the desert on the «ships» — Camels leave an unforgettable impression, as well as highlight of the travel — to strengthen your will, to check your physical strength and stamina — a hike will make you stronger.
And at the end of travel — Beijing the capital of ancient China will bring the atmosphere of a modern metropolis in combination with one of the ancient cultures of Asia. Familiarity with local culture and religion (shamanism, Buddhism), with representatives of these religious and cultural communities.
This trip was made possible through the support of Leonid Kanter and his project «With the stool to the oceans» http://tribuverde.org/.
This extreme for you, friends, carried out by way of «Stool» to the Indian Ocean. In future similar extreme travel in the most wild and extreme corners of the planet Earth has been planned. Stay tuned for news and ads on the page Facebook http://www.facebook.com/ex.training. More info at the webpagel http://et.org.ua/ will coming soon.
Leaders (instructors): Michael Voynich expedition leader, instructor, Alexander Perekuta instructor; Natalia Umanets instructor, photographer, Leonid Kanter traveler, guide.
Equipment: tent, sleeping bag, travel carpet, backpack (70-80 liters), a kettle, a torch, primus, metal utensils (mug, bowl, spoon), a thermos, hand cream and face cream (obligatory), goggles for protection from sun, wind and sand.
Clothing: Comfortable shoes (preferably trekking boots), comfortable pants for a long hiking trip, fleece jacket, warm clothes, thermal underwear, gloves, warm socks, warm hat, a balaclava, underwear.

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